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June 26, 2000

TVGLive2: Hi Tim! Thanks for coming!

Russ: Hello to all those tapped in from around the world! Well..

Question: So how did your big musical break finally come about?

Russ: I had been working with Neil Norman's band for the past year and a half 
I appeared with the band as a guest artist at a number of shows at some part in 
time Neil asked me if I would be interested in working on a CD project with him 
company It was obviously a symbiotic relationship as I was on Voyager and Neil's 
company does a lot of SciFi music He liked the style of the music that I played 
and the musoc that I had been performing and he thought this might be a great 
chance for a crossover from the SciFi to the mainstream I thought it was a great 
idea and if it works well in the next three monts or so we're going to try to 
produce a second one Neil Norman is the co-owner of Cresendo Records He has a 
band who specialize in playing science fiction songs including Star Trek! The 
music that I'm singing with them is everything from blues to rock.

Question: Who are your influences in the music world? And what about in 

Russ: Influences.. hmmm Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Cathe (sp?), 
Peter Gabriel, James Taylor a mix of these folks... Acting...
Sidney Poitier in his style and the types of films he did James Earl Jones Peter 

Question: Now that your singing career is taking off, will you remain in the 
acting field or put your focus on the music?

Russ: Whichever's paying the bills! :) Probably going to maintain music about 
40% I have a lot of other projects I want to work on The acting runs on its own 
It has it's own momentum. I'd like to spend my time developing projects of my 
own One is already up and running It's a picture out in distribution right now 
and it's called "East of Hope Street" AND recently premiering a comedy sketch 
called "The Art Police" and that is running on Galaxy Online.com And that's sort 
of a "Men in Black meets Dragnet" in the art world.

Question: Were you into sci-fi before Star Trek and if not, has doing the 
sereis made you a sci-fi fan?

Russ: I watched TOS when I was in college I sort of grew up with that in 
syndication particularly the latter half of those runs and it was very 
entertinaing and fun to watch. I didn't really watch TNG and DS9

Question: I know you recently did a European tour. Will you be doing an 
American tour any time soon? And if so, where can we find the tour schedule?

Russ: I have a personal web page http://www.timrusswebpage.com You can find 
everything you want to know abnout me at that web page But I will not be doind a 
large US tour beczause of my shooting schedule with Voyager. But I'll be doing a 
few dates :)

Question: Are you satisfied with the character development for Tuvok? I 
thought Riddles was brilliant! Will you continue to do Trek after Voyager ends?

Russ: Well. It all depends on whether I'm offered a job or not.. :) If they 
offered me another role I would probably consider it And I think that thus far 
the character development has been very good very gradual.

Question: I know you've done a lot of theater productions. Do plan on ever 
coming back to Broadway? ~Karina 

Russ: If I am offered a part on a play that's on Broadway I would seriously 
consider doing that I will be doing a play in Austin Texas The play is called 
"ER" It's being put on my St. Edward's University theatre department This will 
bve ythe fourth week in April 2001. It's my alma mater! It's sort of a coming 
home celebration for me It's very important that I make it.

Question: What has been your favorite, or most challenging role so far as an 

Russ: The mose difficult aspect of performin is voiceover work everything 
from animation to the audio books those are very hard very tediousI haven't 
really had any on camera roles that were extremely difficult.

TVGLive2: Thank you Tim! We had a great time an dlook forward to hearing the 

Russ: Excellent! Get ready to tune in to the new season the final season of 
voyager let's see what happens WHO KNOWS :)

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