Transcript from April 28, 1998

 Talk City Presents

 Tim Russ


 Tim Russ can be seen playing Lt. Tuvok on the highly-popular series 'Star

 Trek: Voyager' that airs on UPN. He recently completed directing his first

 episode of 'Star Trek: Voyager' that will air on Wednesday, April 29th.

 Join us as we talk with Tim about the Star Trek legacy, Voyager, and what

 his plans are for the future.


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TimRuss: Greetings!


Questions: terris says: How did you get into acting? Was it something

you always wanted to do?


TimRuss: I began in high school by taking acting classes from there to college studying and finally moving to Los Angeles to pursue it full time.


Questions: gail38 says: My son ,Ty, wanted to know what attracted you to the role of "Tuvok" ?


TimRuss: actually the role was one in a line of jobs the part just happened to be the role of Tuvok it could have been any part on any series.  My agent and myself were seeking an acting role on a long running series this part was coincidental.


Questions: gar^^trek says: Tim, how much was your selection for the Voyager cast based on your appearance in Star Trek VI?


TimRuss: The only connection to Star Trek VI was the producer on both projects, Rick Berman, who was the executive producer. He, as always has been interested in working with me on the Star Trek shows.


Questions: atanos says: Tim, what's your favorite voyager episode?


TimRuss: It would probably be "FutureÕs End" because it was shot on location around the city of Los Angeles.


Questions: mulder127 says: What's it like following in the Vulcan steps of Spock?


TimRuss: It was an honor for sure! To continue portraying this type of character given the popularity of SpockÕs role has also been a challenge for me to make the role different.


Questions: sharons says: You were on other Star Trek shows... played a bad guy on STTNG... what is it like to play so many characters in that ST universe?


TimRuss: Well it is not unlike playing the many characters that I have to play on all of the different shows I was in before the Star Trek series.


Questions: ogy says: there have been many changes since the show started... which ones do you think helped the show the most?


TimRuss: As concerns STTNG I only worked with Patrick Stewart on that particular episode. The primary change was the loss of Kes and the addition of Seven of 9 but I think the gradual improvement in the story has been the most beneficial aspect of the show.


Questions: peter says: How has being on this show changed you.... ?


TimRuss: It has changed my life ,indirectly due to elements of my personal life

TimRuss: being exposed to the public as well as increases in the demand on my time.


Questions: mechacat says: how long does it take you to get into makeup?


TimRuss: Only about 35-40 minutes at this stage. It may be less this year because they may change some of the materials that they have been using.


Questions: stealthy says: Is it hard working a series like Voyager? What's the worst thing about it?


TimRuss: The constant change in the scheduling. You cannot plan anything in your personal life more than a couple of days ahead. A very close second would be the routine of shooting.


Questions: k-line says: How was it to direct your first show? Did you learn anything 'new' about that aspect of television?


TimRuss: The biggest surprise to me was how much attention I ended up giving to the nuances of the performances. For example, it is common for actor/directors to neglect the performances and focus on the technical aspects of shooting. I learned that you must focus on both.


Questions: jarrod says: How did you become a director.. did you ask to do it? Did they ask you?


TimRuss: Oh I asked to do a show during the first season, and it took three years of internship to get a chance to do it.


Questions: kutie says: Will you be directing again?


TimRuss: That is entirely up to the producers, and also I must wait in line behind others that wish to direct for the first time.


Questions: jael says: Have you ever directed any thing else? Is this the first time for you?


TimRuss: Yes, for a project of this scale .. yes.


Questions: atanos says: Tim, do you see Tuvok and 7 having a romantic relationship?? I think those 2 would be very interesting, and it is quite logical


TimRuss: As most fans should know, Tuvok is not capable of romantic relationships; plus the fact he already has a wife and children!


Questions: venus_de_milo says: Do you like Jeri Ryan, is she easy to work with? Do you hope that your character lives long and prospers on STV ?


TimRuss: Jeri is very pleasant to work with as is most of the cast of the show. And absolutely I hope Tuvok lives long and prospers!


Questions: luckie says: do you look forward to doing something different in the future?


TimRuss: Yes I do, definitely. It may be producing, or directing or acting and maybe all three together, as soon as I get the opportunity to do so.


Questions: ctlaltdel says: Will you guys EVER get home? =)


TimRuss: That is entirely up to the producers and writers, and it is based upon the longevity of the show.


Questions: odala says: Tim, how much are you able to actually contribute to your character ?


TimRuss: I am able to call the writers and producers about certain aspects of each script we get specifically sometimes dialogue changes or story ideas.  I do make contributions and usually they will grant me those changes that I request.


Questions: firefox1 says: I notice that you, like many of the other Star Trek cast members, have a Shakespearean you think this is deliberate on the part of casting and if so, how does it help?


TimRuss: Yes definitely, the majority of the cast has a theatrical background for this type of show it is a very big plus.


Questions: merlin2001 says: when did your lucky break come?


TimRuss: My first full time acting role occurred April,1985 to be exact. From that point on I was able to support myself from acting exclusively.


Questions: sirgan says: Tim it was once reported that Len Nimoy found it a strain to play a character with out emotions as the character Tuvok, do you find it a similar problem, and if so how do you deal with it?


TimRuss: It is difficult playing a character with such a narrow range of emotions because as an actor you study a long time to expand your range of emotional

Portrayal. And yes it is difficult in that aspect. But it is also a challenge to make this character interesting under all of these conditions.


Questions: svt says: Have you ever had the chance to meet with William Shatner, the legendary Captain Kirk????


TimRuss: I worked with Mr. Shatner In the feature film "Generations" for two weeks as well as a few conventions that we both were in. He is a very hard worker and was easy to work with.


Questions: numberplease1 says: Tuvok--Do you have any interesting anecdotes about your fellow actors


TimRuss: We do tend to enjoy ourselves on the set, there is often a lot of clowning around and also joking in the workplace.


Questions: venus_de_milo says: Would you like to see a bigger diversity of races on STV? There doesnÕt seem to be many Blacks, Hispanics and Asians on board.


TimRuss: Actually there are quite a few.. In my episode I directed "Living Witness" we had an Asian hostage and a few black guards too. There is always a diversity of characters on our show they may not be all principal characters but they are all seen in the background as part of our crew on the Voyager.


Questions: atanos says: Tim, Cool hubble pictures in astrometrics lab, who's idea was that??


TimRuss: That was the set dresser or decorator for the show, specifically the graphics department and set designing and set dressing department. Richard James and Leslie Frankenheimer those two people were in charge.


Questions: gar^^trek says: Would you look forward to the future possibility of the Voyager crew making the "big screen"?


TimRuss: I would look forward to being involved in any incarnation of Voyager no matter what form. I have no idea if there are any plans for that idea. By the time we hear about it you will have heard about it. The studio and producers control the future, the direction and the look of the show 100% The actors have very little to do with it.


Questions: singood says: ARE YOU AFRAID OF BEING TYPE-CAST


TimRuss: If I was afraid of being typecast, I would not have taken the part of Tuvok. Yes it is a possibility, but it is a necessary risk.


Questions: georgy says: What do you think of the Internet? And do you every 'surf' yourself?


TimRuss: Right now my computer is not online. I plan to go online in the very near future I think the Internet is THE most powerful and important source in our civilization and reaches all parts of the world, and the importance is infinite.


Questions: atanos says: Tim, what do you think of web sites dedicated to star trek voyager? Like STVSD


TimRuss: Well I think that Guy Vartamin, the creator of the site has done a remarkable job setting up the site. It is necessary given the proliferation of the Internet for us to have our own website.


Questions: atanos says: Tim, what kind of music do you like to play??


TimRuss: The range would be between jazz to pop-rock to pop-R&B ..all three of those styles. I play a wide variety and prefer it that way.


Questions: ezguest8 says: Are you planning to release an album in the future


TimRuss: It is possible that I may do a short CD only three or four songs. It would depend on the cost and who the producer is and what the material is.


Questions: meggy says: about how many letters from fans do you get each day?


TimRuss: The letters come into Paramount and my agency and then they are collected and sent to me all together. I am not certain how many come in each day but it certainly is quite a few.


Questions: tds1118 says: How did you feel about changing your hair style for the part of Tuvok?


TimRuss: It was a minor sacrifice, a very minor sacrifice. You would be surprised how fast you get used to seeing yourself with a slightly different hairstyle. If I was a pop music star with that hair style everyone would be wearing it!


Questions: californiawoman says: Do you ever wear your vulcan ears home from work ;)


TimRuss: There are times when I have a long break during the shooting day, when I can go home. Since I live only 10 minutes away from the studio In those cases I have to wear a bandanna to cover my ears, because legally I am not supposed to leave the Paramount lot in make-up.


Questions: col says: What do you enjoy most about acting?


TimRuss: It's basically playing make-believe and in most cases getting paid for it. It is an opportunity to step out of one's self and into another person. It is a very unusual and unique way of role playing.


Questions: venus_de_milo says: Not really a question, just a comment... you are so Kewl! You play a mean Tuvok! (that is a compliment)


TimRuss: Thank you very much venus! The character is very easy for me to play.


Questions: debbie says: Nice to see you here.... and are you going to be at any SciFi conventions anytime soon.. and if so.. where?


TimRuss: ThatÕs a good question I will be at the convention , let me see.. I have a calendar.. hang on.. In Austin, Texas September 26th and a tentative convention in Springfield, MA. in November also tentative in Atlanta and North Carolina


Questions: merlin2001 says: do fans at conventions expect you to act like Tuvok and are they shocked when your real self


TimRuss: No they are sometimes surprised by how much joking and also smiling that I might do in person. But it is important to realize that appearing at a convention is not unlike a performance. You are there, in part, to entertain people.


Questions: seahorse32 says: what other films have you been in?


TimRuss: as far as movies.. "Fire with Fire" and "Final Combination" and one of the Death Wish series... Death Wish4 and also "Crossroads" and "Eve of Destruction" and of course ST" Generations" mostly I have done television roles, in the majority.


Questions: katcsa says: Mr. Russ, thank you so much for being with us today... is there something you would like to say to us before we close for this evening?


TimRuss: In general, I would like to say the very nature of Voyager and of the Star Trek world in general is one of evolution and change. Which is synonymous with the way the universe behaves. The shows are created to tell stories. They may not always be consistent nor pay attention to certain details but their overall purpose is to entertain and enlighten. I look forward to the next season but you never know what may happen!


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