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BW: Could you tell us a bit about your announced release of your new CD?

TR: The self titled CD was released May 1st, 2000 and is on the Crescendo Records label. I put together the project with Neil Norman, who is part owner of the record company. It was almost a year in the making, and is completely live. The players are: J. Palmer - bass, Dave Carr - keyboard, Kevin Karamitros - drums, Bill Burchel - keyboards, Bruce Geary - drums, and Neil Norman lead guitar. I do all of the rhythm guitar and lead vocals.

BW: Where can fans purchase your CD? Online?

TR: The fans can get my CD on my website at, or through GNP, and or at various major record stores.

BW: What has it been like to be part of the crew of Voyager for more than six years? Are you happy for the Star Trek saga that has been going on for years, and that you could be part of it?

TR: It has been quite an experience being part of "Star Trek" lore. I came to realize that I had inherited an obligation to carry on a thirty year tradition.

BW: Is it inspiring to actually be able to act differently than your character usually does? An example of that would be the episodes "Repression" and "Riddles". Also anymore upcoming Tuvok-based episodes?

TR: I have enjoyed working with the cast and crew of the show - they are very talented and fun people. The actual nuts and bolts of shooting a one hour drama can be tedious and sometimes exhausting. It is difficult to plan anything else in your life outside of the show, because you only know your schedule roughly a week in advance, and it can change at the last minute. As an actor, I have to portray the same role year in and year out, which can stifle ones creativity.

As a career break it has been invaluable, and I've had the opportunity to work in other areas of production from directing to voice-over as a result of being on the show.

It is always a more interesting if not a tough week of shooting for me if my character is featured in a story. I do like the opportunities to break out of the Tuvok character whenever I can. But I don't think it's wise to do those story lines too often.

There will be other Tuvok episodes before the season's over.

BW: What episode of Star Trek Voyager are you guys currently filming as of today?

TR: Today we are shooting an episode entitled, "Repentance". It involves prisoners who are being transported to a place where they will be executed. It deals with the issues of capitol punishment and reform.

BW: In a past interview, someone revealed that you wear slippers on the set when you are behind your console, so what's it like to wear starfleet boots?

TR: Actually, the costume boots I wear are very comfortable, It's just that I sometimes have to get dressed quickly and I can put the slippers on faster. I can only do that when I work the console. There are times when we have no shoes on at all, because they effect our height in the shot.

BW: Thanks for having this interview with The Trekker Newsletter, it's greatly appreciated, and I know lots of fans will enjoy your newly released album.