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Tim's Charities

Tim loves kids. He is a very devoted father to his little girl, he is very good with kids in the autograph lines, his first independent movie, "East of Hope Street," dealt with a teenaged girl in L.A.'s inner city. So it does not come as a big surprise that one of his two main charities helps young people facing problems similar to those of his heroine from "East of Hope Street". Youngsters that have been abused or neglected, or don't have a home for whatever reason, find a new home and shelter there. They are also provided with guidance, education and love - they get a chance at a life and at a future that otherwise they might not have. This organization is called Zenith Youth Homes. If you want to contact them, that's their address:

  9231 5th Avenue
  Inglewood, CA 90305

Tim also has a strong interest in nature. He is a hobby astronomer and loves animals. His other charity is therefore dedicated to help abandoned or abused animals and provides them with a new home.  This is called Wildlife Waystation and can be contacted through the following address.

14831 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd.
Angeles National Forest, CA  91342-5999

Tim's webpage regularly organizes auctions the proceeds of which go to these two charities. Tim also often asks for a small amount of money if you want an additional autograph on an item of your choice. This money as well as a certain percentage of the proceeds from sales of pictures at conventions also goes to his charities.

Tim also participates in Charity events, like e.g. Robert Beltran's Galaxy Ball or Robert Duncan McNeill's Charity Cruise and helps that way to raise money for his own and other charities.