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Family and Friends 2

Family and Friends 1: Pictures of the Russ-family and some colleagues and co-workers of Tim Russ
Family and Friends 2: more recent pictures of some of Tim Russ' family members
Family and Friends 3: Pictures of Tim Russ' daughter Madison ("Maddy")

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the pictures. All pictures - unless stated otherwise - are Maria Nausch.

Tim's daughter Madison, Vegas 2006
Maddy Maddy Maddy Maddy
Maddy Maddy
MaddyVegas.jpg (43963 bytes)
Maddy - photographic talent, Vegas 2004
MaddyVegas2.jpg (37180 bytes) MaddyVegas3.jpg (38830 bytes) MaddyVegas4.jpg (38997 bytes) MAddyVegas5.jpg (37523 bytes)
MaddyVegas6.jpg (34946 bytes) MaddyVegas7.jpg (44552 bytes) Tim&MaddyVegas.jpg (37826 bytes)
proud Daddy watching his offspring's photographic achievements
Tim&MaddyVegas2.jpg (35614 bytes)