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Tim and Star Trek Voyager

Tim has been with Star Trek Voyager for seven years. It is therefore justified to dedicate a whole subpage to that series and the character he portrayed so successfully, the Vulcan Tuvok.

Credits of Star Trek Voyager
Tim's directing debut
A biography of Tuvok, derived from seven years of watching him
Tuvok's medical record
Tuvok's relationships
Chronological dates on Tuvok
important Tuvok-episodes
Pictures of Tuvok
Future's End Special: pictures from the episode and the places where it was filmed.

Credits for Star Trek Voyager

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Star Trek Voyager ran from January 1995 till May 2001. It was created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor. Those three served as Executive Producers for seasons 1 and 2, in seasons 3 and 4 Jeri Taylor was in charge, when she retired at the end of season 4, Brannon Braga took over as new Executive Producer in charge for two more seasons. At the end of season 6 he started to work on the development of the new series, "Enterprise," thus making room for Kenneth Biller, who was in charge of Voyager for its last, seventh season.

Regular Character Actor
Captain Kathryn Janeway Kate Mulgrew
Cmdr. Chakotay Robert Beltran
Lt. (later Lt. Cmdr.) Tuvok Tim Russ
Lt. Tom Paris Robert Duncan McNeill
Ensign Harry Kim Garrett Wang
Lt. B'Elanna Torres Roxann Dawson (originally credited as Roxann Biggs-Dawson)
The Doctor Robert Picardo
Neelix Ethan Phillips
Kes (seasons 1-3) Jennifer Lien
Seven of Nine (seasons 4-7) Jeri Ryan

There also were several recurring characters, some of those we saw more often than others. Some were only there for one or two seasons, some kept reappearing.

Recurring Character Actor
Lt. Carey Josh Clark
Seska Martha Hackett
Maje Cullah Anthony De Longis
Ensign Samantha Wildman Nancy Hower
Hogan Simon Billig
Michael Jonas Raphael Sbarge
Lon Suder Brad Dourif
Q John de Lancie
Vorik Alexander Enberg
Naomi Wildman Scarlett Pomers
The Borg Queen Susannah Thompson (in "Endgame" Alice Krige)
Icheb Manu Intiraymi
Mezoti Marley McClean
Azan and Rebi Kurt and Cody Wetherill


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Voyager is important in Tim's career, not only for his portrayal of the Vulcan Tuvok, but also because it offered him the chance to go through the directing internship offered by Paramount, which eventually lead to his directing the fourth season episode "Living Witness". The episode was very well received by the audience and the various Internet reviewers and many (me included) have wondered why Tim never got to direct a second one. In my opinion "Living Witness" was very well done. It was a great story to begin with, it had a great protagonist in Bob Picardo, but it was most definitely a difficult episode to do for a first-timer. It had a large guest cast, actors Tim was not familiar with. The main set on the planet, namely the museum set, was unusually large and well lit and movements of groups had to be choreographed carefully to make them look natural. It also featured lots of opticals, plus a big action scene when the museum was attacked during the riots. Tim mastered all these with great aplomb and he finished the episode on budget. He also managed to get fantastic performances out of the regular cast, all of which played characters that were slightly different from their normal ones. This was a great directing debut!

If you think that my judgment may be a bit biased, you should read this review.

Tuvok- a biography of Voyager's Vulcan Security Chief

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First a few remarks about the time frame: The first season of Voyager takes place in 2371 ("Eye of the Needle"), which means that at the time of "Flashback" (3rd season) we've reached 2373. So when Tuvok says, that the events aboard the Excelsior happened about 80 years ago, this is amazingly in keep with the "Star Trek Chronology", which puts the movie "Star Trek VI" in the year 2293. At that time Tuvok was - as he says himself in "Flashback" - 29 years old.

Therefore Tuvok must have been born in 2264 and is 113 years old by the end of the series (year 2377). According to "Unimatrix Zero II" he was born on Vulcanis Lunar Colony at Stardate 38774. From "Hunters" we know, that his mother's name is T'Meni. It is likely that at least Tuvok's father (if not both parents) was a Starfleet Officer, since, while serving aboard "Excelsior", Tuvok receives a message from his father, who is aboard the "Yorktown" at that time.

Little is known about Tuvok's childhood and youth, except that in 2269, when he was 5, Tuvok began to study kal-toh with a master of that game ("Alter Ego").

The only other reported event from his childhood and youth is his crush on Jara, the daughter of a Terellian (sp?) representative, who had been granted a seat at his school. Young Tuvok fell in love with her, and although his feelings were not returned, he was ready to throw overboard Vulcan ideals of emotional control and logic and to defy his cultural heritage because of this love. His seat at the school was revoked, his father banished him and he had no alternative but to follow his father's wishes and spend some time in seclusion with a Vulcan Master. There he learned how to control his feelings and began to follow the path of logic ("Gravity").

We also know that before joining Starfleet Tuvok went through the Rite of Tal-oth, a survival training, where he had to spend four months in the desert, equipped with nothing but a ritual blade ("Displaced").

We learn that he was fresh out of the Academy in "Flashback" and had only a few weeks of experience aboard a starship at that time. This would suggest that he joined Starfleet Academy comparatively late, at about 25 years (that is, in 2289), but most definitely he joined under pressure from his parents (another reason to suspect that at least one of his parents was in Starfleet and therefore wanted the son to follow in their footsteps). He must have graduated in 2293, was promoted to ensign and posted aboard the Excelsior. At that time he specialized in Sciences and served as a Junior Science Officer on the Gamma shift. During the peace negotiations with the Klingons at Khitomer (where he might have met Kirk, Spock etc. - considering that he served with their friend Sulu) he was not happy with this development ("Alliances").

After his assignment aboard the Excelsior was over - which must have taken a few years, although in "Flashback" it sounds like he quit after only a few weeks (somebody screwed up the maths, I suspect), Tuvok resigned from Starfleet, since he didn't feel he belonged, he had troubles working with emotional, reckless humans and did not like the egocentric nature of humanity.

He returned to Vulcan, where he began studying the Kolinahr. Six years into his studies he experienced his first pon farr, decided to postpone his studies and married T'Pel (we don't know whether or not these two had been previously bonded). The pon farr and marriage must have taken place in 2304, or 67 years prior to season 1 ("Ex Post Facto"). Therefore Tuvok must have been in the Kolinahr between 2298 and 2304 (and therefore he must have served aboard the Excelsior until mid- or end of 2297, see above). According to these calculations he was about 40 years old when he went through his first pon farr.

Tuvok and T'Pel have four children, three sons and a daughter. We've seen at various occasions that Tuvok cares for his children and misses them a lot. The first son is called Sek ("Hunters"). This oldest son went through his first pon farr after Tuvok had been lost in the Delta Quadrant. Sek got married and is now the father of a little girl, who was named T'Meni, after Tuvok's mother.

Because of that information Tuvok's oldest son must be around 40, or slightly older. I would say, he was conceived during pon farr 28 years after his parents got married and was born the year after that, i.e. in 2333. That would put him at 44 at the end of the series, and if he had entered his first pon farr around the age of 40 (like his father) there would have been ample time for the pregnancy and the baby to be born before T'Pel's letter to Tuvok in "Hunters". One of his sons, and according to the credits on the startrek.com-page the same guy who has the baby, Sek, is getting tired of his previous studies in exo-linguistics, which seems to theoretical for his taste. He has now taken up musical composition and writes polytonal constructs ("Repression").

Little is known about Tuvok's other three kids: T'Pel was in labor for 96 hours when giving birth to their third child (the youngest son) ("Deadlock"). This youngest son loved it when Tuvok sang "Falor's Journey" to him as a kind of bedtime story ("Innocence"). The daughter is the youngest child ("Once Upon a Time") and apparently still pretty young, since Tuvok compares her situation of having to grow up without a father to Naomi's problems should Wildman not survive. Her name is Asil and she was born in the city of T'pal (or something like that - "Unimatrix Zero II"). Since Tuvok said in "Elogium" that his daughter profits just as much from his guidance as her brothers, she must have been at least out of kindergarten when he left. My guess is, she is 16 when her father comes back and was 10 when her father infiltrated the Maquis in 2371, therefore born in 2361, 28 years after her oldest brother, with the other two sons somewhere in between (assuming that all four children were conceived during pon farr).

Tuvok and T'Pel seem to have lived together on Vulcan for a time, where Tuvok specialized in disciplines necessary for his current posting in security, since we know that for a time he taught archery at the "Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts" ("Basics II").

Over 50 years after resigning from Starfleet (according to "Flashback"; that is, at the earliest in 2348, but not later than 2350, I'll explain, why), he decided to rejoin the Fleet. The experiences with his own family made him understand why his parents had chosen this career for him and he decided to take it up again.

During his second career, Tuvok specialized in Security and Tactical and is still serving in this capacity. We know that his first deep space assignment during his second Starfleet career was aboard the "Wyoming" ("Flashback"), where he must have been stationed at least for a few weeks, if not months. After that he taught at the Academy for 16 years ("Learning Curve", presumably taking his family with him and living on Earth at that time). Since he and Janeway had been serving together for 4 years already at the beginning of season 1 ("Phage"), he must have been back by 2350 at the latest. Let's do the maths: 4 years serving with Janeway, 16 years as a teacher at the Academy, plus some time aboard the Wyoming, that's slightly over 20 years, so he must have been back in Starfleet by 2350, 20-21 years prior to the 1st season (2371). The Star Trek Chronology gives us 2349, which is even more plausible, and would allow for about 1 year aboard the Wyoming (or several short postings at one or two other ships). By the way, Janeway mentions in "Revulsion" that she and Tuvok have been serving together for 9 years - instead of more or less 7 years according to "Phage". She must have been mistaken - if Tuvok came back to Starfleet in 2349 he can't have been at the Academy for 16 years, stationed aboard the Wyoming *and* serving with her for 9 years by early 2374. It doesn't *quite* add up (unless he was aboard the Wyoming for only a few weeks and taught at the Academy for only 15 and a half years and they've served together for slightly less than 9 years...). I suspect Tuvok was right in "Phage" when he said they'd been working together for 4 years, and Janeway slightly miscalculated during the promotion scene.

Before being transferred to Voyager, Janeway and Tuvok must have served together aboard the USS Billings ("Night"). At one point during these four years together Tuvok must have been stationed on Jupiter station for some time. He and Janeway stayed in contact and he sent her several letters during his absence ("Tuvix" - the interesting thing is, that she still has these letters!).

In 2371, when the series starts, Tuvok is a full Lieutenant, has already received 17 commendations for valor ("Riddles") and has developed a pretty close relationship with his Captain. The two of them trust each other implicitly and depend on each other a lot (e.g. "Flashback"). In 2371 Tuvok got orders to infiltrate a group of Maquis (probably the one case where he lied "under orders" he refers to in "Hunters"), and ended up on Chakotay's Maquis ship. He did a good job as an undercover agent, he managed to transmit the names and personnel files of every member of Chakotay's crew to Starfleet ("Parallax"). When his messages suddenly stopped, it was clear that something had happened to that ship and Voyager was sent out to find it. As a consequence, both ships ended up in the Delta Quadrant. Tuvok's telepathic bond with his wife seems to be broken ever since because of the distance, since she didn't know he is still alive before Starfleet informed her ("Hunters").

After the death of First Officer Cavit Tuvok would have been next in line for promotion and therefore the most likely candidate for that position. Janeway promoted Chakotay over him, in order to win his and his crew's loyalty. This - combined with the fact that Tuvok had been a spy aboard Chakotay's ship - created a certain rivalry between the two men ("Twisted").

In 2374 ("Revulsion") Tuvok is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, after he has endured "ritual humiliation".

Qualifications: Tuvok has served as a Science Officer as well as as a Security Officer. His main interest in the Sciences seems to be life sciences, especially botany. He breeds prize orchids ("Tattoo") and has had astonishing results in crafting terran and Vulcan plants into a new hybrid ("Alliances"). He also has basic knowledge in technical disciplines, among other things he can repair a crashed shuttle ("Innocence") and seems to have doubled as engineer aboard the Maquis ship: after B'Elanna has been abducted by the Caretaker, Tuvok sits at her previous console, to Chakotay's right, not to his left at Tactical, as he did during the fight with Gul Evek. So it seems as if he had taken over the engineering console in her absence. We also know that he is quite good at holoprogramming ("Worst Case Scenario"). In addition to that he has basic knowledge in first aid, but this is not enough to save his co-pilot in "Innocence" (also because they don't have the necessary equipment).

Among his qualifications as a security chief, we know that he is quite good with weapons of all kind, even primitive ones like bows and arrows ("Basics II"), and we know that he is an expert in the martial arts of many Alpha Quadrant cultures. ("Meld"). He knows more than 94 ways of killing a person, using only a hand, or a foot, or a finger... ("Meld").

He is sportive and athletic, and very fit, since a 10 km run with a backpack at 1.1 earth gravity, after having carried the backpack through half the Jeffries tubes aboard, doesn't exhaust him in the least ("Learning Curve"). He is also able to hold on to the carriage of the orbital tether after he's been pushed over the roof, and despite the thin air, the cold, the height and the lack of footholds and grips, he manages to reach the door of the carriage relatively unharmed ("Rise").

He can pilot a shuttle (e.g. "Innocence" or "Rise").

He is well versed in the Vulcan telepathic disciplines and is able to help Kes with her exercises (maybe a reminder of his time in the Kolinahr), to communicate telepathically ("Random Thoughts") or to defeat an opponent telepathically ("Random Thoughts"). On the other hand he can't resist the Botha ("Persistence of Vision") or the starship-eating alien in "Bliss". He knows how to do a mind meld and a nerve pinch.

He is a musician, since he plays the Vulcan lute and he sings. He knows the Vulcan cultural heritage well, e.g. he has most of "Falor's Journey" memorized and uses the Katheera-blocks for meditation. From "Flashback" we know that he can prepare Vulcan tea. He apparently identifies with his cultural heritage, since he occasionally wears Vulcan robes when off duty, plays kal-toh and reads Vulcan poetry at "talent night".

Tuvok's Medical record:

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Tuvok once suffered a serious injury to his right arm, as a consequence of which he had the elbow joint replaced ("Blood Fever" - I wonder if that's the reason for his left-handedness, or if he's always been left-handed?).

Tuvok is 182 cm tall. His weight is approximately 75 kg. ("Repression")

1st season:

When he and the Maquis were transferred into the Delta Quadrant ("Caretaker"), Tuvok was subjected to the Caretaker's probes just like everybody else. He was injured in the collapsing tunnels of the Ocampa homeworld as well.

The photonic lifeform "Grendel" ("Heroes and Demons") abducted him along with Kim and Chakotay and transformed him into energy for some time.

He suffered a severe concussion when the shuttle he was aboard got attacked and he ended up being possessed by a Komar in "Cathexis".

When he tried to rescue Gerron ("Learning Curve") Tuvok was also affected by the leaking plasma gas and lost consciousness halfway through the rescue attempt.

2nd season:

When Kes' new telekinetic abilities got out of control, she made Tuvok's blood boil and the Doctor had to resuscitate him ("Cold Fire"). However he recovered quickly and didn't need the rest the Doctor prescribed.

In the Mokra prison Tuvok was tortured but recovered pretty quickly from his ordeal ("Resistance").

A mind meld with the Betazoid (and therefore not fully compatible for melds) Lon Suder very nearly cost him the control of his emotions, especially the more violent ones, but the Doctor's treatment was effective ("Meld").

In 2372 Tuvok and Neelix were combined into a new entity under the influence of a symbiogenetic plant but were successfully separated a few weeks later ("Tuvix").

3rd season:

A virus, with which Tuvok had been infected decades earlier aboard the Excelsior, was activated thanks to a visual stimulus and caused symptoms similar to that of a repressed memory, which in Vulcans leads to severe brain damage and even death. He was cured thanks to a mind meld with Janeway.

He lost consciousness during a shuttle crash ("Rise") but was not seriously hurt by either this or his near plunge to death from the roof of the carriage.

One of the Voth projectiles also caused no permanent harm ("Distant Origin").

4th season:

Tuvok was injured during the destruction of the Borg cube he was on, and lost consciousness shortly after he had been beamed back to Voyager ("Scorpion II") but could return to duty after some treatment.

He was on the receiving end of a nerve pinch in "The Raven".

In an alternate timeline he was permanently blinded, since he was too close to the explosion of a chroniton torpedo ("Year of Hell").

Guill and his people beat him up badly on the Mari homeworld, Tuvok needed to go to sickbay for treatment ("Random Thoughts").

5th season:

Tuvok almost suffocated in the crashed Delta Flyer ("Once Upon a Time") but was rescued in the nick of time.

In order to help Seven deal with her multiple personality disorder he risked a mind meld with her, although the Doctor advised against it and pointed out the risks to Tuvok's own mental well-being ("Infinite Regress").

When forced to hide in a transporter buffer to avoid being detected by the telepath-hunters, he suffered pattern degradation and the Doctor advised against using the procedure again ("Counterpoint").

On the planet in the gravity sinkhole Tuvok and Tom were ambushed and Tuvok was severely injured: He suffered from three fractured ribs, subdural hematoma and internal bleeding, but pulled through with the Doctor's help and thanks to Noss' care ("Gravity").

Season 6:

After having been attacked with an alien weapon, Tuvok suffered severe neurological trauma which caused complete amnesia and heavy brain damage ("Riddles"). He had to relearn how to speak etc. Eventually the Doctor found a way to reverse his condition. He was completely healed and suffered no permanent disability.

Tuvok was caught in an explosion when he tried to disarm some sort of bomb that was beamed aboard the shuttle ("Tsunkatse"). Since Seven agreed to fight in the Tsunkatse-tournaments, he received treatment, thus survived.

Tuvok fell asleep on the bridge out of exhaustion ("Muse") because he didn't sleep in days while he was searching for his missing crewmates.

When Kes returned and tried to manipulate the time lines, Tuvok was somewhat telepathically affected by the changes ("Fury"). He had precognitions of things and events that had not happened yet. His condition got so bad that at one point he collapsed in engineering. Thanks to Future Kes' loving care his condition worsened and he went into synaptic choc.

While trying to reroute plasma gas in the Jeffries Tubes Tuvok got caught in an explosion and was once again injured. With Neelix's help he managed to reach the escape pods, though, and was treated once the emergency was over ("The Haunting of Deck 12").

In "Unimatrix Zero I" Tuvok was assimilated by the Borg.

Season 7:

Tuvok's Vulcan metabolism didn't cope with assimilation as well as Janeway's and B'Elanna's. He could not fight control by the Borg Queen effectively and became full Borg for some time. His recovery after the ordeal was longest ("Unimatrix Zero II")

Tuvok got shot by aliens while trying to find a working Borg implant for Seven ("Imperfection").

Tuvok had been manipulated by a Bajoran fanatic, Teero, while undercover with the Maquis. In 2377 Teero suddenly took control of Tuvok's mind and makes him brainwash the Maquis so that they take over the ship. With Janeway's help he managed to overcome the influence ("Repression").

In 2377 Tuvok finally went through pon farr. He resolved it thanks to a combination of medication, meditation and sex with a holographic replica of his wife ("Body and Soul")

In an alternate timeline Tuvok died in 2377 ("Shattered").

When the entire crew was abducted and brainwashed, having new identities and working in a big factory, Tuvok fought the medication and began to remember. The people controlling him felt threatened and hospitalized him, where a sadist Doctor wanted to perform engramatic sequencing on him. ("Workforce")

In an alternate timeline, a neurological condition of which Tuvok suffered could not be treated in time and he became mentally ill, hospitalized in an asylum. When Janeway went back in time and changed the future she made it possible for him to get treated in time, so he recovered. ("Endgame")

Tuvok's Relationships:

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At first Tuvok used to have a very close friendship with Janeway, which is based on mutual trust and respect. He is one of her most important advisors and knows her well (e.g. "Scientific Method", or "Night"). Both are prepared to risk something for the other, and they understand each other well, since they have a lot in common (both are Starfleet, both have worked as Science Officers...). Unfortunately this relationship disappeared for long periods of time and Tuvok was replaced with Chakotay as Janeway's advisor in most of the later episodes. Tuvok regained his position, however, once Chakotay started dating Seven and in "Endgame" the old friendship between him and Janeway was back! Since Tim and Kate Mulgrew had great chemistry together it is a pity that this relationship was not used more in the later seasons.

Tuvok's relationship with Chakotay was a bit tense in the beginning, later the two seem to have reached an understanding, but their different opinions still clashed on occasion, e.g. in briefing room scenes. Much more could have been made out of their rivalry for Janeway's friendship combined with the fact that Chakotay was promoted to First Officer over Tuvok. This is definitely a missed opportunity!

I'm not 100% certain about Tuvok's relationship with Tom Paris. On one hand Tom said in "Ex Post Facto", that Tuvok had made a friend that day. But there's no follow-up to this for over a year (great friendship!) and then they're suddenly teamed up very often for away missions where they tease each other a lot. So I guess there's at least a superficial understanding and mutual endurance between the two, if nothing more. Again, this could have been handled better and a lot more depth could have been added to this relationship. It was definitely an attempt at doing something, but it was not done too well.

The situation is similar with Harry, who caused Tuvok some problems in "Resolutions", but trusted him enough in "Alter Ego" to ask his advice and is now playing kal-toh with him. I loved how Harry tried to help brain-damaged Tuvok in "Riddles" by playing kal-toh with him. The two definitely had great chemistry and should have been teamed up more often.

Neelix and Tuvok started to develop an interesting relationship right in the pilot. Their relationship is reminiscent of Spock/McCoy or Quark/Odo: they constantly criticize each other, but understand each other really well and like each other a lot (Tuvok, for instance accepts Neelix's advise in "Learning Curve" and Neelix consults Tuvok about subjects like fatherhood in "Elogium"). This friendship even survived a crisis in "Rise". Among his male colleagues Neelix is definitely Tuvok's best and most trusted friend, the one he can rely on when he really needs somebody, like in "Riddles". In "Homestead" Tuvok finally acknowledged his own feelings for the little Talaxian and even performed something like a special "dance" as a farewell-present for his friend.

Kes was Tuvok's student in the mental disciplines, and maybe also some kind of surrogate daughter (or maybe more than that? "Warlord" definitely showed us that there was potential for much more between these two). He was very affected by her departure and put a candle in the window for her. They were great together, because of their differences: He tall, dark, emotions under firm control, long-lived species. She petit, blonde, warm and emotional, extremely short-lived. But both had great telepathic abilities and were intellectually curious. The perfect team!

The relationship with Seven of Nine also started out very interesting and complex. The two of them understand each other extremely well and have an awful lot in common. They also have excellent chemistry with each other and it's hard to understand why they haven't been seen together more often recently. Both are willing to risk an awful lot for the sake of the other. Tuvok performs a highly dangerous mind meld that could cost him his sanity on her in "Infinite Regress", while she fights in the arena in "Tsunkatse" to get him medical treatment. Again, two intellectual beings, extremely organized, methodical and with no open display of emotions. I enjoyed them together.

There was not much of a relationship between Tuvok and either the Doctor or B'Elanna. The writers obviously never got around to develop these.

A few final words about "Tuvok and women": As we know, that Vulcan is married. Therefore there's no room for superficial romance. He doesn't seem to be interested in anybody but his T'Pel, though this relationship could have been handled a lot better as well. Unfortunately the writers seem to have forgotten about T'Pel far too often. Tuvok didn't mention her on a regular basis and he didn't seem too affected by the separation. But when pon farr struck she was the only one he wanted.

Despite the marriage our Vulcan had some memorable encounters with women: when Kes under Tieran's influence tries to seduce him, he fights her off (although the attraction is quite obvious). ("Warlord")

Marayna, who he thinks is a hologram, falls in love with him and manages to attract him thanks to perceptive, intelligent conversation, but nothing really "happens" between the two. ("Alter Ego")

Noss seems to have impressed him deeply as well, and it's very likely that he would have returned her feelings had he not been married and had he not gone through the experience with Jara in his teenager days. ("Gravity")

As for his female shipmates: it's pretty obvious that he cares deeply about Janeway and Seven. Both obviously return these feelings - though they tend to forget about him on occasion.

Important points in Tuvok's life:

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2264: Tuvok is born

2269: Tuvok takes up kal-toh

2289: he begins studies at Starfleet Academy

2293: he is promoted to ensign and assigned to the Excelsior

2293-2297: serving aboard the Excelsior

2298-2304: Tuvok studies the Kolinahr

2304: pon farr and marriage with T'Pel

2333 (conjecture): birth of son Sek

2349 (conjecture): return to Starfleet, posted aboard the Wyoming

2350 - 2366 (conjecture): teacher at the Academy

2361 (conjecture): birth of youngest child, a daughter

2367 onwards: serving with Janeway

2371: assigned to infiltrate Maquis

2373 (conjecture): Sek's pon farr and marriage

2374: promotion to Lieutenant Commander

2374 (conjecture): birth of granddaughter T'Meni

2377: return home

Important Tuvok-episodes

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Season 1:

"Ex Post Facto": Tuvok proves Tom's innocence and exposes a war criminal

"Prime Factors": Tuvok makes an extreme sacrifice out of friendship

"Cathexis": Tuvok under alien control

"Learning Curve": Tuvok trains Maquis crew members and while teaching them the Starfleet way learns something important

Season 2:

"Cold Fire": Tuvok's relationship with Kes at its best

"Resistance": features one of my all-time favorite Tuvok-scenes, when he is brought back to the prison cell after having been tortured. Tim is absolutely fantastic!

"Meld": Tuvok is fascinated with violence, one of the strongest, best stories he ever got!

"Innocence": Tuvok deals with kids. I've seen it countless times, but the end still makes me cry

"Resolutions": Tuvok barely averts a crisis during his first Captaincy

"Flashback": probably the most important episode in terms of Tuvok's backstory (filmed for season 2, but aired in season 3)

Season 3:

"Future's End": the official beginning of the Tuvok/Tom-friendship

"Warlord": very good development of the relationship between Tuvok and Kes, very strong performances in the seduction-scene

"Alter Ego": Tuvok's loneliness exposed

"Rise": Tuvok comes to terms with Neelix

Season 4:

"The Gift": Tuvok says good-bye to Kes

"The Raven": the relationship between Tuvok and Seven begins

"Year of Hell": some more really powerful stuff with the blind Tuvok

"Random Thoughts": the big Tuvok-ep of the season. But compared to what else he got this year it's weak. It has been done better in "Meld".

"Concerning Flight": the relationship with Janeway shows, plus there is some hilarious attempt at small-talk made by Tuvok

"Waking Moments": the infamous "nude-scene"

"Hunters": some more background information on Tuvok, plus nice relationship with Seven

"The Killing Game": even brainwashed Tuvok remains Janeway's most reliable friend

Season 5:

"Once Upon a Time": Tuvok shows compassion and talks about his daughter

"Infinite Regress": Tuvok risks his sanity for Seven

"Gravity": Noss in love with Tuvok

Season 6:

"Riddles": Tuvok gets brain damaged and has to relearn everything. The script may not be as powerful as that for "Meld" but this episode completely blew me away. I knew Tim was good, but what he did in this one exceeded all my expectations by far.

"Tsunkatse": once again a showcase of the relationship between Tuvok and Seven

"Fury": Kes' return - Tuvok realizes that something is wrong

"The Haunting of Deck 12": Tuvok and Neelix together again

Season 7:

"Repression": Tuvok under mind-control. Again.

"Critical Care": hilarious scene between Tuvok and Janeway: "I already have a man!"

"Body and Soul": the pon farr. At last. It's a bit "too little to late" but at that point in time we were glad when Tuvok got something to do at all.

"Homestead": Closure to the relationship with Neelix

"Endgame": the relationship with Janeway is back again! And a very strong performance by Tim as the insane Tuvok.